Price List for Photography By Laura Ann

Session Fee $125.

For a group of up to five persons. For larger groups please contact us for more information. This covers the time and talent only of photographer. Does not include prints or files. This fee must be paid in full before the session takes place. Your session cannot be reserved until the session fee is paid in full.

Newborn Session Fee $150

Covers the time and talent of photographer. Does not include prints or digital files or products. Session fee must be paid in advance of the session. Your session cannot be reserved until session fee is paid in full.

Sessions that take place within the first two weeks of baby's birth will receive a $25 print credit with their minimum print order of $200. Limited time offer.

Maternity *mini* session $75

May be added on only with a paid newborn session. Contact us for more details.

Print Prices

5x7 $15.

8x10 $25.

8x12 $35.

10x10 $35

12x12 $50 (unmounted)

12x12 $95. Storyboard (mounted)

11x14 $75.

16x20 $105.

16x20 $135. Storyboard (mounted)

16x24 $110.

Wallets $15. (set of 8 same file)

10x20 Storyboard mounted $120.

Canvas Gallery Wraps (Come complete and ready to hang)

11x14 $200.

16x20 $275.

16x24 $320.

20x24 $365.

24x30 $425.

30x40 $700.

Digital Files

Single Digital File (high rez sized to 8x12) Only available after a minimum of $200 purchase. $100.00 per file.

Digital Package $750.00 Consists of 10 high rez digital files sized to 8x12 on CD. Additional files available after purchase of this package at $75.00 per file. Also included is a 5x7 print of each file. Receive a 20% discount of any ala carte products (excluding canvas gallery wraps, cards, and press printed products) with purchase of this digital package.

Gallery Mounts (Print is sealed and heat fused to a densely engineered substrate. Finished with a 3/4 inch beveled edge. Comes ready to hang or place on an easel. ) Prices available upon request.

Prints 11x14 and larger are mounted for stability and include a protective spray.

Other sizes and products available upon request and include storyboards, canvases, gallery wraps, albums, coffee table books, birth announcements, cards, image boxes, digital files, digital packages and standout mounts.

Prices are for a limited time only and may change without notice.

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